Teaching English for Architecture Students

This is my second semester at Indonesia University of Education after my Ph.D. Like the years before I left for the United States, again, I am assigned teaching English for undergraduate Architecture students. It has been for at least the last decade or so that the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education has required English to be taught by instructors from each departments in the faculty, and no longer from English department. The reason for this is to allow the teaching to be tailored according to each program’s need and to be developed based on Architectural resources and materials.

It is always uneasy for lecturers to teach a subject outside of her/his expertise, but this is the challenge. While the objective to apply such a strategy is pretty good, it is now the lecturer’s task to prepare the class to be both applicable to college students and architectural studies requirement. And here are my strategies.

Like classes instructed by other lecturers in the Department of Architectural Education, my class also consists of four areas of proficiency: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. While the whole class sessions integrate them all, the emphasis of each session is different.

(to be continued)

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